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PopChips PopUp Live! Contest
Update 9.12:
347 of you came out in force for us over these 2 weeks to download our track, unfortunatley while we started today in the #3 spot, in the final minutes, we dropped to #5, losing by 7 downloads. We know some of you are angry that you clicked download and got nothing, we welcome you to email us so that we can hook you up properly!

Beginning August 29th and lasting the following two weeks, we are in it to win it at the PopChips PopUp Live! contest. All you guys need to do is download our track for FREE and everytime we pass a round, we get some cash to put towards our trip to SXSW 2012! Just go to the direct link below, click LIKE, find Finespun in the New York category and download 4 Walls 1 Window for FREE. In the past its cost us over $1000 to get down to SXSW in Texas, please help us offset that cost at no cost to you! PS - please share this with anyone you can :)

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