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          "Finespun, a 4 piece band from New York who typifies the everlasting love affair we all have with the raw power, energy and emotion of rock and roll..." - Colorado Wave Radio and New Artist Radio

The problem with the music industry is that there are not enough bands like Finespun.  They are persistent, hardworking and aggressive.  These gentlemen exploit every possible opportunity that comes their way.  When there isn’t a visible opportunity they have a knack of creating their own. On the bands latest CD, entitled “Fracture”, Finespun welcomed producers A.J. Resta and Karyadi Sutdjeta who were interested enough in the group to lend their professional skills to the product.


They're regulars at clubs in the northeast and open for the likes of Gilby Clarke (formerly of Guns 'N Roses), Wheatus, The London Quireboys, Hookah Brown (Black Crowe's), Kings X and For The Taking (Ex-Fuel & Apocalyptica lead singer Toryn Greene) and Tantric. They tour the US from New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Austin and everywhere in between. In addition they have played showcases at SXSW( 2003, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011) , Millennium Music Conference 12, 13, 14 & 15, Miami Music Festival, and Cleveland Music Festival 2011.  As a result of this exposure and their continued popularity, they were also chosen as one of the top fifty bands in the country by Coca-Cola's New Music Awards. 

The New York based band is Oren Barak (vocals, guitars), Steve Licata (guitars), Doug Tammany (bass, vocals), and Ed Grazi (drums) and is without a doubt a band to watch not only on the New York circuit but also throughout the nation. Finespun generates much of its stage presence and studio creativity through a sense of respect for musical inspiration.

The long-term goal for Finespun is to gain more fans and further extend the reach of their music. Offering tracks like “Hourglass”, one of the heavy hitters off their new release entitled “Fracture”, “Against The Fallout”, a ballad that speaks from the heart and “4 Walls, 1 Window” which takes a introspective look at ones frustration, success is simply eminent. They also maintain a very active website, www.finespunmusic.com, where you are always able to find new audio and video fresh from the studio. Finespun is a band that should be recognized as a band for the people with an ultimate goal of touching you with their music.

Finespun’s creativity has always been fused from each member. There is no turning back for Finespun. This bands mission is to play their music for a living. Singer and guitar player Oren Barak sums it up, “we’ve all dumped our life’s blood into this band. This is all we want and there is no alternative.” When asked about the opportunities that are present for musicians drummer Ed Grazi mentions, “independent artists get so much more assistance these days because of online services. There are so many more resources to embrace and exploit. You just have to get out there and do it.”


...At this time, Finespun is currently gigging around the east coast in support of their release “Fracture”. while prepparing songs for their new release. CONTACT US HERE